Celebrity Drug Addiction: Columbus Short’s Addiction To Cocaine and Alcohol

Celebrity Drug Addiction: Columbus Short’s Addiction To Cocaine and Alcohol

Columbus Short is a well-known actor and singer. Most people know him as “DJ” in Stomp the Yard. In this movie Columbus Short and his brother, who is played by Chris Brown, hustle money by street dancing. One night Chris gets killed, and DJ’s parents send him away to live with his aunt and uncle who enroll him into college. While in college DJ joins a fraternity, and shows off his dancing skills. Columbus Short also had a major role in the movie This Christmas. In this movie he is one of six children in the Whitfield family. This year everyone comes home for Christmas. Short is an army man and sometimes that will create obstacles in this movie. When you look at Mr.Short you see a talented young man on the way to the top of the charts. Unfortunately, the recognized actor struggles with addiction, and stars in the lead role of his own real-life nightmare.

Columbus Short finally revealed that he has been addicted to cocaine and alcohol. Recently the star was released from the hit show Scandal because of domestic abuse, and assault. Short says the reason why he decided to immerse himself into cocaine and alcohol is because he sought to balance his unstable feelings. Short worked a 16-hour work schedule, and tends to an energetic family. He said the cocaine and the alcohol numbed him. He states that the numbness took all the pain away and allowed him to get away from the stressful moments in his life. Short confies that when his friend committed suicide he felt like his world was coming to an end, according to Black News.

It doesn’t matter who you are, drugs can take over anybody. Some people say you can only get addicted to drugs because of the environment you live in, which is totally false. Short had a good life, and a good family and now he is trying to get it back.

Short states that in order for him to beat his addiction he had to get away from Los Angeles, he has been living in Atlanta, Georgia for over five months now, according to Black News. Black News quotes Short,

“First of all, I think when anybody’s dealing with drugs or alcohol, you need to change your environment, period. Persons, places, things, you need to get out of whatever the comfort – it was accessible to me. Come on – I’m on the number one show on television, anything I wanted I could get it, but that’s deadly, you know what I mean? So it was about, how do I change my life?”

We’re glad that Short is trying to beat his addiction. Once he wins this battle he needs to help others try to fight theirs too.

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