Drug-Fueled Murderous Rampage in Columbus

Drug-Fueled Murderous Rampage in Columbus

A  man went into a drug-fueled rampage in 1995 who allegedly raped and stabbed his step daughter before beating in his wife’s skull with a baseball bat is facing death according to Ledger – Enquirer.

The Supreme Court speculates Worsely’s marriage suffered from his inability to overcome his cocaine addiction. Because of it, his wife, Flora, left him after only four years of marriage. But they weren’t separated for long, and started talking again. In January 1995 he moved back in with her and her daughter. In February 1995, his wife stated she’d leave him if he kept using, and he said he’d kill her if she tried.

A fight erupted over missing money from Flora’s purse =. Worsley claimed he had nothing to do with its dissapearance, but gave her some money anyway. At about 2 a.m. on March 7th, he got a butcher knife, went into (his stepdaughter’s) Bell’s bedroom, raped and stabbed her, according to Ledger-Enquier. She was 17. She had nine stab wounds and 11 slashes to her neck, and nine stab wounds to her chest and upper abdomen. Next, he left the house, bought cocaine, and smoked it. Once the sun came up Flora came home from work, Worsley hit her in the head with a baseball bat, and stabbed her once, according to Ledger.

Cocaine use alters your brain chemistryDuring his trial, defense attorneys called to the stand a psychologist who said that “Worsley suffered from a depression, came from an abusive and broken home, had an IQ of 78, read at a fourth-grade level, and had a seventh-grade grasp of math. The psychologist also said Johnnie Worsley likely suffered from brain damage,” as quoted by the Ledger.

They’re basically making excuses for a man that killed two people. If Worsley had these problems why didn’t he receive help a long time ago? They also said that he didn’t grow up in a good family, a lot of kids don’t have a good upbringing but that doesn’t mean they go out and kill their wife, and stepdaughter. This is why getting drug counseling treatment is so essential to preventing tragedies.

Drugs do take over your body and mind. Worsley decided that he wasn’t going to control his body, but cocaine would, and since the drug controlled him two people died. Now he must suffer the consequences.

Do you know a family member who suffered from cocaine addiction?



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