Ohio is Helping Drug Offenders Receive Proper Treatment

Ohio is Helping Drug Offenders Receive Proper Treatment

When someone is addicted to drugs and happenes to get caught with the drugs on their person they usually get arrested. The first offense they might get a warning and community service hours, the second offense they would receive probation, and the last offense they are going to do jail time. Even after they serve their sentence they still might get the urge to use drugs when they are released. Officials think that it’s better if they just throw everyone in jail who has a problem with narcotics. If they want the rate for addiction to go down they must help them instead of locking them up all the time. If addicts get the help that they need we won’t have to worry about anyone buying the drugs.

Columbus, Ohio knows that throwing every addict behind bars is not solving the drug addiction problem. If you are a non-violent offender they are looking for treatment for you. State officials have said that addiction leads to crime and crime leads to death or prison. In order to break the chain of addiction addicts officials must start cleaning their prisons. Jail is not getting rid of the addiction it’s just stalling it for a minute not solving the problem for good. Its easier to find help for offenders who time is less than 18 months even though they are not giving up on offenders with extra time, according to wdtn.

Ohio is treating offenders not only when they are released but also when they are in custody. The 12.5 million dollars that they have received will help pay for the cost of the different treatment plans.


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