A New App May Help Drug Addicts Stay Sober

A New App May Help Drug Addicts Stay Sober

Drug addiction is a terrible disease that can take over one’s body. Some people get tired of not being able to control themselves physically and mentally. Many try just leaving the drug alone, and typically suffer from a relapse as short as a week, or a day later. Those who are incarcerated because of their possession of illegal drugs go back to their old habits as soon as they finish their sentence. Some who enrolled into drug and alcohol addiction programs relapse without the proper care and preventative means to address the underlying problems of addiction. For many the frustrating disease of addiction is often viewed as inescapable. Maybe a new discovery can fix that whole problem.

An intern at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center has created an app to help drug addicts get clean and stay clean. The app is available 24/7 anytime you need it it’s right there on your cellphone screen. The way the app works is if a person is tempted to do a drug they can send text messages to family, and friends. Also is they feel like they can’t do it and want to quit they have other addicts’ stories who have also been in that same situation. The last thing the app offers is that it can track a recovering user’s mood and stress level, according to nbc4i.

The new generation is based on technology and now that addicts can get the help they need anytime they want my pressing a key is really savvy. This app provides a way for addicts to stay connected with loved ones and people who have been down this pathway before. Over the years if we continue to build on this app it can change the world when it comes to drug addiction.

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