What Is Rehab?

Get help for drug and alcohol addiction today with Drug and Alcohol Rehab Columbus.

What Is Rehab?

Drug and Alcohol Rehab is Possible with Drug and Alcohol Rehab Columbus, in Columbus, OH

Coming to grips with addiction is a heavy burden, especially when you don’t know which treatment options are available to help you or a loved one struggling with a substance use disorder. Addiction treatment is an intensely personal affair, and is only as effective as the personalization of an individualized treatment regimen. In other words, ensuring that you or your loved one are receiving specialized care for your particular addiction habits is crucial to successful recovery. Someone in need of heroin rehab will have different needs than one who is admitted into alcohol rehab . Understanding your options in Columbus, Ohio may mean the difference between receiving treatment or floundering in continued drug or alcohol addiction.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Columbus is committed to providing its clients with the best in effective, lasting, and meaningful drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Making the choice to get help can be one of the hardest to make, but it is the most important step to take to ensure your safety. Drug and alcohol addiction can ruin your close family relationships, your career opportunities, and can lead you to financial ruin and homelessness. Don’t let that happen to you, getting the help you need is easy when you use the tools at your disposal. Drug and Alcohol Rehab Columbus makes it easy to make an informed decision about enrolling in drug and alcohol rehab. Understanding what rehab is, and isn’t, will guide you on the path to recovery.

The Goals of Rehab at Drug and Alcohol Rehab Columbus, in Ohio

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Columbus works hard so you don't have to - 301x301Any form of drug or alcohol rehabilitation heralds the same general goals and ambitions for recovering victims of substance use disorders. The main goal is to denounce physical, emotional, and psychological dependence from drugs and alcohol. Redressing any form of dependence will take time, continued effort, and an enormous amount of willpower to change. Drug and Alcohol Rehab Columbus makes it easier with accredited addiction therapists, certified psychiatrists, and a community of recovering addicts who help themselves by helping each other sharing stories of addiction, triumph, and goals for the future. Drug and Alcohol Rehab Columbus gives patients hope for the future.

What is Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation?

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Columbus is here as your first line of defense against the disease of addiction. At our award winning facility, we are here to help you overcome every aspect of drug and alcohol addiction with precision, so that you won’t have to come back as the result of relapse. Our medical professionals are experts at caring from drug and alcohol addicts as a testament to years of practice in the field of rehabilitation treatment. Beyond this, some of our most successful addiction professionals have been our patients. We understand what it is to overcome addiction, because we have taken all of the steps to overcome addiction ourselves. We understand what it is to become a slave to drugs and alcohol, and rid ourselves of the weight of addiction, returning to healthy and happy lives without the use of drugs.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Columbus Offers:

  • Inpatient Medical Detoxification (Detox)
  • Intensive Inpatient Rehabilitation Treatment
  • Inpatient Rehabilitation Treatment
  • Intensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Treatment
  • Outpatient Rehabilitation Treatment
  • Partial Hospitalization Programs
  • Sober Living Communities

Your rehabilitation success is equally dependent on your will to overcome addiction, and the masterful hands you trust your addiction rehabilitation to. Each addiction professional employed at Drug and Alcohol Rehab Columbus all share the same philosophies for securing the most effective, beneficial, and life changing treatment to allay the relentless disease of drug and alcohol addiction. Trusting your medical professional and addiction counselor is necessary for your continued recovery, as rehabilitation will require you to dig deep into the underlying crevices of yourself to unearth the reasons perpetuating the abuse of drugs and alcohol. The rehabilitation process begins with the cleansing, or detoxification, and progresses to intensive therapy. The brunt of rehabilitation revolves around varying degrees of therapy; the goal of therapy is always the same: to discover, address, and overcoming the underlying causes of drug and alcohol addiction. You will remain in the varying stages of rehabilitation until you are well enough to live independently without the fear or relapse. Your addiction professional will recommend the rehabilitation treatment that is best for you.

Characteristics of an Effective Addiction Counselor at Drug and Alcohol Rehab Columbus, in Ohio

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Columbus ensures that you get the best rehabilitation help - 302x201Successful drug and alcohol rehabilitation revolves around the synergy, or harmony, between patients, their addiction medical professionals, and counselors. Drug and Alcohol Rehab Columbus addiction treatment specialists will always treat you with respect, and offer you an atmosphere devoid of judgment. The only thing we care about is making sure that you overcome your addiction for the better, and when you leave we want you to feel energized, ready to take on the world drug and alcohol free!

Our Professional and Caring Staff Will Always:

  • Treat you with respect
  • Reserve judgment
  • Provide you with 24/7 medical and psychiatric care- you are never alone
  • Prescribe you medications to help you cope with the intense cravings of addictive substances
  • Ensure your optimal comfort
  • Help you to understand the reason you abuse drugs
  • Teach you how to effectively manage your emotions
  • Care about your physical and emotional wellbeing
  • Answer any questions that you have revolving around addiction and treatment
  • Treat you with compassion
  • Keep your treatment and recovery information private

Don’t wait to enroll in rehabilitation therapy. Some programs last for as little as a few weeks. You would sacrifice a few weeks to ensure the escape from the hold of addiction, wouldn’t you? Call today. (614) 945-4163.

Goals of Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation:

  • Drug and Alcohol Rehab Columbus has award winning therapy to help you - 302x201Relinquish the cravings for drugs and alcohol
  • Understanding your triggers that lead to drug and alcohol abuse
  • Learn to avoid environments that encourage substance use, like bars and places known for drug use
  • Reestablishing relationships with friends and family that were damaged by abuse
  • Participation in intensive therapy and group therapy
  • Reaffirm hobbies and passions to fill the void of not using or drinking
  • Setting goals for the future
  • Understanding the reasons and circumstances that lead you to drug or alcohol addiction
  • Learn the intrinsic nature of addiction
  • Learn how to prevent relapse
  • Learn how to constructively respond to feelings of anger, guilt, depression, and anxiety
  • Live drug and alcohol free!

What Rehab Isn’t:

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Columbus makes the rehabilitation process manageable, effective, and a permanent staple in your life; however, having realistic expectations of the rehabilitation process will prepare you for the mental and physical commitments required to successfully receive the best drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

  • Drug rehabilitation is not instantaneous. Successful recovery from physical, emotional, and psychological addictions require months, and sometimes years, to completely redress. Ensuring that you continue your treatment as long as you require it is important to avoid relapse.
  • Most recovering drug addicts and alcoholics will relapse (or return to using drugs or alcohol) in their first month of recovery. You don’t have to add to this statistic. Knowing the dangers of relapse before it happens can save you from it.
  • If you do relapse, your treatment isn’t completely botched. Relapse has almost become an anticipated pitfall of recovery treatment. Even if you do relapse, Drug and Alcohol Columbus will help you address the circumstances that allowed you to regress.
  • Rehabilitation is not the one-stop-answer for addiction treatment. Rehabilitation is a combination therapy of abstaining from drugs, continuing therapy, learning new abilities to cope with stress, and establishing renewed relationships with your family and loved ones.
  • You are as important as your addiction counselors and medical professionals. Successful rehabilitation is not a process that is done to you. You become an active participant in your own recovery. The amount of effort you commit to overcoming addiction will be equal to the benefits you reap from recovery. Recovery is not a passive pursuit. If you want to kick drug and alcohol use once and for all, you must invest all of your willpower to learn what causes addiction, how to avoid relapse, and cope with the difficulties after rehabilitation.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Columbus is committed to helping you overcome the thorns of addiction. You are not alone during any step of the rehabilitation process, we are here for you from before the moment you walk through the doors. You can utilize our 24/7 hour help hotline to get help from any one of our addiction professionals will answer any and all questions you have about enrolling yourself or a loved one into drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

You’ve been alone until now. Drug and Alcohol Rehab Columbus is here to help. But don’t wait. Call now to speak with a representative, (614) 945-4163.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Columbus exceeds the expectations of its patients and provides:

  • 24/7 Medical Service
  • 24/7 Access to Gourmet Food and Speciality Beverages
  • Lush Outdoor Amenities: Movies Under the Stars, Pond Area, Weekly Barbecues
  • Private Bedrooms Furnished with Netflix & Xbox Consoles
  • Full Service Spa and Salon Services
  • Individualized Treatment Plans to Treat Your Specific Level of Addiction
  • Upscale, Privately Enclosed, Resort-Like Accommodations
  • Free Internet Access
  • 100% Treatment Financing Available
  • Healing Group Therapy
  • Extensive Lifestyle Coaching
  • Tranquil Environment of Healing

Getting Rehabilitation Treatment with Drug and Alcohol Rehab Columbus, in Ohio

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Columbus helps recovering addicts avoid relapse - 302x201Drug and Alcohol Rehab Columbus provides patients with an extensive rehabilitation treatment plan, and caters to the individual needs of each patient. We take into consideration your track record of substance abuse, the duration of addiction, your family’s history of addiction, your susceptibility to addictive behaviors, mental condition, reaction to certain medications associated with medically assisted drug treatment, results of earlier treatment programs, and your preferences for treatment. There is no one-size-fits-all answer for drug rehabilitation and treatment. Each patient recovers at his or her own rate, and at Drug and Alcohol Rehab Columbus we celebrate the uniqueness of each of our patients, and encourage the inner voices that have been stifled by addiction to again shine through.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Columbus employs a combination approach to rehabilitation treatment, and utilizes multiple levels of medical monitoring programs, and different degrees of intensive therapy relative to your level of addiction. Understanding that substance abuse and addiction are different is an important determination to identify before you enroll into addiction treatment.

Drug Addiction VS Substance Abuse

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Columbus helps clients understand why they abuse drugs and alcohol - 302x201Drug and alcohol addiction is a quantifiable disease, that can be measured in the way your biological processes have been altered by continued drug and alcohol abuse. Addiction is noted by the disruption of physical and chemical processes carried out by the body, and is characterized differently depending on which substance has been extensively abused. For instance, heroin addicts may suffer from the inability to naturally produce the correct amount of serotonin or dopamine. Those addicted to marijuana will suffer from heightened brain cell die-off. Addiction is a disease of the body and mind, and may only be redressed completely in drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Characteristics of a Drug or Alcohol Addict:

  • Prevailing thoughts revolve around obtaining, using, and hiding substances of abuse
  • Guilt revolving around the use of drugs or alcohol
  • The first thought you have in the morning is getting high, or getting a drink
  • Your friends and family have stopped hanging around you, because of your addictive behaviors
  • You have encountered financial hardship in direct correlation to your drug or alcohol addiction
  • Attempt to escape harsh realities typically by self medication
  • You use drugs or drink extensively while alone
  • You are ashamed to admit that you have a problem, and may not seek help even though your life is beginning to spiral out of control
  • You act on behaviors uncharacteristic of yourself, you may have unprotected sex, engage in dangerous activities, exhibit violence, or break the law to acquire more drugs
  • Exhibits physical signs of abuse: needle marks (also called track marks), marked changes in behavior (depression, or antagonism), dilated pupils, shaking, going in and out of consciousness, excessive weight gain or loss, poor memory, decline in personal hygiene.

Substance abuse is the precursor to full blown drug and alcohol addiction. The two differ in that substance abuse is not necessarily drug or alcohol addiction. Binge drinking is certainly a poor decision, but it does not mark the user an addict. Those who abuse illicit substances and alcohol are able to stop whenever they choose- unlike an addict who has developed a biological necessity for their drug of choice. Substance abusers are typically social users, only participating in drug and alcohol use in social settings. However, treating the early signs of substance abuse is absolutely critical in avoiding addiction. All drug and alcohol addicts started as substance abusers. Learning to spot the signs of substance abuse in yourself and loved ones could be the difference between a brief period of outpatient therapy, and years of rehabilitation.

Characteristics of a Substance Abuser:

  • Recreational use of drugs or alcohol in social settings
  • Encouragement of the use of addictive substances
  • Eagerness to “party” to drink or use drugs
  • Beginning to use drugs as a way to cope with stress or depression, anger, and anxiety
  • Uses drugs because of the influence of the people around them, not necessarily out of their want to use drugs
  • Beginning to encounter problems at work or school, attributed to staying up late, or drug/alcohol use in academic environments or the workplace

If you recognize these traits in yourself or your friends, family, or co-workers, it is imperative that you get professional help as quickly as possible. Addiction is an aggressive disease that can quickly progress beyond safe management at home. To get help now call (614) 945-4163.